Sunday, June 21, 2009

eugenio recuenco [dali with a nikon]

If you were fortuitous enough to charm your way into one of Manhattan's finest lounges, ordered a cocktail consisting of Tim Walker, Salvador Dali, and James Wan you would be handed 'Eugenio Recuenco'. From the ethereal ambiance emanating from his photographs, surreal concepts and settings garnished with a certain tenebrous edge - the idea of being entranced by Recuenco's work would be a monumental understatement. The way he mixes whimsical romanticism with bizarre abstractions not only fashions a beautiful photograph, but creates varying levels of depth.

Recuenco plays with exotic locale,
creates highly conceptualized story lines, mixing sexy with ominous he draws some of his inspiration from controversial historical events such as 1930's Nazi Germany and post-mortem photography. His true talent is in creating a voyeuristic perspective for his viewers, giving them a snippet of a complex and mysterious reverie that they themselves can determine the result of. One may feel as though that is what a majority of photographs accomplish, yet the manner to which Recuenco provokes your imagination is a unique rarity.

The only major criticism I have is that I'd like to see him push social boundaries a bit more. Don't get me wrong, the kidnapped and chained model with a gun to her head in his short film '
88:88' and the femme on femme action in some of his photos are borderline provocative but I'm craving him pushing it over the edge like a junkie craving china white. I definitely feel as though his potent perspective juxtaposed with raw scandal could be an orgasmically lethal combination. His recent work seems to suggest that he is in fact heading in that direction and lets be honest here, my mouth is watering.

Viva la reign of the Spanish photographers.

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