Saturday, June 20, 2009

konichiwa bitches.

Kris⋅ten /ˈkrɪstən/ [kris-tihn] - noun: aboriginal New Yorker with an aesthetic fetish and an indecent vernacular, one too many opinions, self proclaimed 'artist', lives in LaLa land, an uncontrollable impulsivity which leaves her wallet always empty yet makes her anti-reality:reality and an obsession with Tony Blair's ass [slash] disproving the octopi. Renaissance woman of sorts.
synonyms:// amazing, aphrodite, complex, daft, dreamer, ethereal, full of shit, god like, incredible, ingenious, koolaid, manhattan, mrs.thomas jefferson, obscene, perfection, supercalafrajalisticexbialadoscious, visionary.

what i do.
i eat/sleep/dream photos, travel, throw paint on things and call it art, fantasize[slash]daydream, drink too much starbucks [applechai] and or svedka with mi amigos and plot, enlighten, wander art galleries, harass foreigners, explore, read only non-fiction as well as magazines a la mode, psychoanalyze, astrologize, exhaust my imagination, tony blair, and embody a walking paradox.

what the fuck is this for.
to inject earthlings with fabulosity.

indulging in. Hasir by Modeselektor.

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