Monday, July 27, 2009

brooklyn street style.

Don't you wish all men dressed like these sexy chaps?
I do. (I'm so predictable).

Yesterday I spent the day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn covering the free Jelly concert for Shut Up! Magazine. I was shooting street style and some bands for my column when BAMFUCKBOOM a dust [slash] downpour hurricane took NY by storm and quite literally made the Manhattan skyline disappear in a blanket of fog.
Not fun.. but the amazing Mushrooms and Onions I had at the little restaurant on N 6th and bullshitting with Sahar made up for it.

Spent the rest of the night at this little punk club around that area shooting more bands whilst enjoying the pleasure of some dirty older couple dry humping to metal music all over my leg for a few hours.
Good shitttt.

indulging in: Starstruck by Santogold.
[photos © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. great shots and cool looking it!

  2. hah that second shot is of Shea-- she models for pixie market!

  3. i love these pics. I think it's not the clothes, it's the people. they all look so happy and fun! i feel like I would like to meet them all.