Tuesday, July 28, 2009

gone traveling.

In a week I'll be off on some nomadic adventures through Iceland, Sweden, Germany, France, and England. I thought I'd write a quick post about it in hopes that some people could give me suggestions on interesting, rad, cheap places to eat/shop/explore. We went a little crazy and spent all of our money, so unfortunately we can't do any lavish shopping. I can fondle and drool though, so feel free to suggest high end places as well.

I'm looking forward to Hot Springs in Reykjavik, Street Style in Stockholm, Nightlife in Berlin, Laduree and Cafe's in Paris, and Punk men in London.
And most importantly... documenting it all via me Nikon.

Tell me an exciting story from your summer travels.

indulging in: Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp by Gameboy Gamegirl.
[photo source: hedi slimane]


  1. IM SO JELOUS!! your gonna have the most amazing timeee!! best places! ive been one night in berlin & it seems so amazing id love to spend a few days there, Paris is amazing & i looveee London, you gotta go to brick lane!
    Sucks that your not gonna experience a weekend in Iceland! You should go to the blue lagoon & walk down laugaveginn & go to a shopping mall, eat somewhere on laugaveg (vegamot or santa maria or something) Go to Rokk og rosir & Sputnik which are icelandic vintage shops.. & if you go to G17 then maybe youll see me! haha thats the fashion store im working at! in the shopping mall. Do you have an icelandic friend here?

    Have the best best bessssst time!!! im sososoos jelous ahahah.. take SOSOS many photos of street style etc, so fun.

    have a safe flight :)

  2. brick lane, yes. check out camden market, it's wonderful x

  3. Oooooh sounds like your gonna have fun! Jealous xoxoxo

  4. jealous too! again.
    i've never been to any of these places (weep for me, please) but all i can say is that you can sleep when you're dead, so explore every possible place you can and meet anyone you can.

    safe travels!


  5. I wouldnt trust me around this bag at baggage claim, I think I would do a grab and run :)

  6. your trip sounds just divine, i wish i could go along to all those places. have so much fun!

  7. thankyou for the comment (:
    i hope you have a wonderful time travelling. even if i am green with envy right now!

  8. check me for paris ^^
    see u