Tuesday, July 14, 2009

midsummer nights dream.

July 12th, we had a 'Midsummers Night Dream' party in my back garden.
Candles, Trees, Kelley and Veneshya's lethal punch, Fireflies, The Alice in Wonderland drug garden, WEAR YOUR TUNIC, Faerie chain smokers, Penne ala Vodka - Cupcakes and Vodka, Incense, Barefeet, Nature, Lagoon Swimming, Sexy Cocktails, Flowy Dresses&Tousled Hair, Garden Yeti's, Wood Nymphs, George as a Centaur, Wreath Crowns, Inscence, Moon Light.

[left to right]
1. Kelley pondering.
2. Me barefooting.
3. Veneshya and Ashley floating dans la lagoon.
4. Wood Nymphs.
5. Candles at the Alice in Wonderlandesque drug den.
6. Jenn and Kelley - Astrology majors casting drunken spells.
7. Derek and Julie pre-car bombs.
8. Veneshya the vampire wood nymph sipping on lethal cocktails.
9. Sahar the cupcake woman.
10. Moon and Candlelit dancing.

[I'm wearing an Anthropologie skirt as a dress, UO headband and a silk scarf I bought in India.]

indulging in: Air War by Crystal Castles.
[photo source: my camera]


  1. What a great party idea. I love how your pictures turned out so vibrant.

  2. such amazing photos, i love that dress!!!
    your blog is perfect

    much love

  3. What a beautiful idea. I was in a 'Midsummers Night Dream' play once.. so much fun!

    - lovely photos.

  4. That's simply awe inspiring. I love it and what beautiful moments captured. xx

  5. love ur blog beautiful

  6. It's sure you'll find a sexy frenchman when you'll be here !!
    They're too much here.
    And if you don't, we going to hunt them together! HA


    very nice photo display