Tuesday, July 21, 2009

natural's not in it.

These photos are back from the 21st birthday my friend Sahar threw for me this past April. The theme was based off of the song 'Natural's Not In It' by Gang of Four vs. Trashy Life.

Guerrilla photoshoots, 69 Starbucks later, Buffalo for half an hour, Maybe you'd be a good photographer if you were a man, LEVIN, My baby has a baby boom box, Maybe he was a unic, EZRA IS OURS, Cokake: le laced birthday cake, Narcolepsy, BALLS, Discoballs in trunks.

[I was wearing a Smack bustier slip, AA black lame hot shorts, hot pink tights bought on e-Bay]

indulging in: Time to Pretend by MGMT.
[photo source: my camera/iphone]


  1. Great little shoot. So much fun!

  2. fabulous photos, really awesome!

    nicola xx


  3. nice !!