Friday, August 28, 2009

chloe? (not quite).

I basically just wanted to go to Sweden to shop, more specifically to find and purchase these Chloe look-a-likes. I looked up the addresses of 20 different Skorett's in Stockholm on a mission to find these babies but not speaking/reading Swedish pretty much made those useless. I literally roamed the streets asking platinum blonde strangers - 'Skorett?? Skorett??' and eventually found one, and got the last pair (that just happened to be in my size). Mission Accomplished.
And yes.. I'm the only brain surgeon that wears boots to the beach.

indulging in: late night infomercials.
[photo source: my camera]


  1. aah ive seen these so many times on swedish blogs!!
    theyr awwssome, im jelous.
    they have such a good cheap shoe shop in sweden which has like all those awsome ankle boots. but i forget the name.
    now i want to go to sweden, gaaah!

  2. These are soooooooooooooooooo nice I can't stand it, I'm actually green with envy right now!!!

    nicola xx

  3. bbbbbbeautiful picture love it

  4. GORGEOUS. I wore boots to the beach last week, it's fine!

  5. I adore the commitment to your mission!
    Very well done!!!