Saturday, September 5, 2009


I found this thanks to the lovely Elin over at alackofcolour.
I love her blog and this video.


  1. that video is incredible. kate is so stunning!

    also, i gave you an award on my blog. feel free to check it out here:

  2. Oh wherever did you find this lovely video! ha
    yes she just looks like she is having a major party in her pants baah.
    but uhm yeh london next week! So i leave on saturday..
    Going to London College of Fashion to Study Fashion Design & development, its like a cross between fashion & product design - i want to go into doing jewelry n shiz like that.
    What about you? What are you studying? & oooh your uni sounds fun!!
    yes take your camera out alll the time & document these things ha

  3. love that video.
    kate looks so stunning.
    xx cody

  4. so beautiful! Imagine it being your job to make that amazing commercial? On a side note I need that leather bustier...