Monday, November 9, 2009

american apparel.

polka dot tights // backseam tights in wheat/black // disco pants // sheer oversized tee // crop tank // high waist legging // stirrup tight // wedges

Just started working in American Apparel a few weeks ago, died and went to retail heaven. Here's my new additions to the closet since I started.
I actually bought the sheer oversized tee in seafoam (love it) but the photo was shitty so I posted the brown one.

I've been looking for black suede wedges for ages now and think I finally found the perfect pair! Fingers crossed for when they arrive in the post.

indulging in: Across the Universe
[photo source: american apparel // urban outfitters]


  1. If i worked at AA i would probably spend most of my money on clothing. My closet would be filled with basics. Do you get a good discount there?

  2. Oh, I wish there was an actual AA shop near where I live! I wouldn't be able to resist. I love the sheer tee, it's amazing!