Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Merry Christmas to... me!
Got our biannual allowance at work the other day so those are some of the things I picked up at AA.
My new love-of-my-life Sam Edelman shoes came in the post!
This lucky bitch got the very last big bottle of Betsey Johnson perfume in all of Manhattan.
I'm slightly devastated though because its my signature scent and they discontinued it.
Oh well could be worse, I could have dysentery on the Oregon trail or be pregnant with George Bush's child or something.
I will surviveeee.

This next week is going to be an exciting one for me, so expect a few interesting posts xx

indulging in: Cousins by Vampire Weekend.
[photo source: american apparel; photobooth]


  1. Those boots are FIT. Roll on student loan so I can afford some new ones!


  2. wowww ive been wanting them boots too. they are amazing. arent you 742874828 feet tall in them!
    yes the same happeneed with my perfume Gucci eau de perfume, so annoyinG!
    i didnt really do anything over new years, sadly. just family stuff - shot up fireworks and went to a bonfire.. very chill & cosy.. my best friends in iceland were not in Reykjavik & there wasnt really anything exciting going out. kinda bummed that i did nothing for 2010 but i think new years is over rated anyway!!
    What did you do!
    I have some pics yes i shall come on and put em up soon :D
    Back to London on thursday woohoo!
    When you going to Paris?

  3. Good to see that you are enjoying life

  4. love those boots and the George Bush comment xo