Friday, March 26, 2010

anti-nationalism, burn me at the stake.

warning: A wee rant that may or may not offend you. It takes a lot to get me this frustrated, apologizing in advanced for my impulse vent sesh.

I haven't spent more than 3 months in the US in the past 4 years without going out and exploring other countries and cultures. It was a mix of an addiction to the unknown, alternate perspectives and finding new inspiration for my work. When I got back from Paris a month or two ago, for the first time in a long time was content with just spending a decent amount of time in my own country. In fact, I was excited to come 'home'. I found a new respect and love for New York. The music and art scene, the creative open mindedness and my good friends.

But then I remembered why I couldn't stand being in this country in the first place. As cliche or silly as it sounds, the more American men I have interactions with the more I count the seconds until I get the chance to move back overseas. Are men here so spoiled by easy girls that it means no effort needs to be put in for anything? Has anyone noticed the lack of passion or spontaneity in this country? Well its official, the past month has cemented my previous idea's that American men are unmotivated, selfish and quite frankly undatable. And until one proves me wrong I'm officially a traitor. Monumental Disappointment.

Missing and craving some good ole fashioned European romance, because New England ain't got shit.

Paris, te me manque.

indulging in: Melody of a Fallen Tree by Windsor for the Derby.
[photo source: eugenio recuenco]

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  1. hahah i love this rant.. i dont think its just america i think its just guys in general, sad but true.
    well atleast thats what i found in iceland.. god they are all dogs.. but in london til a bit better i guess but boys will be boys will be boys in the end i find.
    ive been a bit shit on th eblog the past few months but i shall try & get better!
    keep posting :)
    & good luck finding that boy ha