Thursday, July 15, 2010

boys noize.

I just want to dance like this on the subway.

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  1. holaaaaaaaa.
    haaaaaaaaa i love this kid. hes amazing.
    well just been doing similar things in london cept now im in Hamburg.
    With the Grandparents, so life isnt too crazy... sadly...
    but im going to Islannndia in 3 weeks & then hopefully NY or Boston, but thats only gonna be for about 1-3 days.. so if its NY ill be asking you for where to go! Ive only been there once so dont know much really!

    So i see your working at AA, how is that! Any sexual harassment cases yet? haa... Whats Alexa Chung doing with her life..

    Any big plans for summer? Or just working for the $$ & living the life!