Wednesday, July 28, 2010

california select.

Dylan and I taking photos down by the Williamsburg bridge for the California Select Blog.
The weather was goooorgeous, we had so much fun.
I never want summer to end.

indulging in: Oh No by Andrew Bird.
[photo source: my camera; please don't use without permission]


  1. You look and sound like your having an amazing time with your new job!
    Lavellyy Photos!
    Well now i dont know whether im going to Boston or NY BAAH!
    BUTT Where is a good place to stay - hotel or area in NY?
    trying to find a cheap but nice place.. so hard in NY!
    Just going to NY to shop haa.. my mum is air hostessing this summer so we get cheaper flights.. need some new clothes and shoes baah! School starts again 4 Oct but probs going back beg of september.. trying to find a nice house in london is hell..
    What about you? Excited to go back to schoool, whens about do you start?
    Hope your well!

  2. ooh no its fine i found a cute hotel in soho which isnt so expensive.. well it is but the cheapest i could find!
    now you need to tell me all the good vintage shops and markets & all that jazz to go to :D yaaaa