Saturday, July 10, 2010

stockholm street style.

Layers, long skirts, grandma pants in bright colours, leather, leather, leather, men in tight dress pants, men in tight pants in general, oversized blazers.

Sweden always knows best.

[photo source: stockholm street style]


  1. couldnt agree more. everyone in sweden has amazing style.
    i agree with your posts a few down - lets go around south america on a motorcycle! My plan is to travel around america next summer, if im lucky.

    & i do a year in the industry next year, so in one year in sept. so thats exciting. hoping to go to NY.

    Hows school? What are the summer plans? I hardly go on my blog any more.. just enjoy looking through them, not keeping it up to date!

    its 37degrees here in Hamburg so im dying, hope your having a good summer!

  2. the pants on the fellow on the left are fantastic. and i don't think any comment is needed for the lady in the middle. perfect.