Friday, September 3, 2010


Nesjavellir, Iceland.

[photo © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]

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  1. Ohhh all this great info came way too late!
    When i saw your msg i was back in Iceland!

    But had the best time.. was in soho.. think east village? Where all the boutiques n cool little places are.. was so much fun just wish I HAD MORE BLOODY MONEY!! gah.

    i am determined to move there after next summer!! i have to find an internship for the year so I MUST GO TO NEW YORK MATHAFACKKAAAAS hahha.. i want to work for pamela love!! hahahaha we'll see we'll see!!

    Beaautiful photo of Iceland!! so pretty. Cant believe youv been here ha.

    But yes thank you for the info on nyc.. just wish i saw it in time.. we didnt have time to go to brooklyn which SUCCKKED i wanted to go to williamsburg n all that.. NEXT TIME!!

    How are you! Hows school, have you starteddd? Still busy at A.A?

    hope your well!