Sunday, June 19, 2011

see ya america.

Acne Scuba Star Leather Jacket

I've been livin in hotels. On the road again. Just got the call that I'll be going to Paris soon again for work so I stepped out yesterday and bought myself the new Acne Scuba Star Leather Jacket to arrive in. Love.

The past few months have been hectic. Work has consumed my life for better and for worse but I truly do love my job. I got the opportunity to work in Dublin, Barcelona, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Paris and Stuttgart for two months with American Apparel in the early spring. I went back to New York for a minute, moved out of my apartment and now I'm in Pittsburgh for another week.

The most exciting news is that I was offered my dream position for the that company that I love so much AND my European work visa has been approved. I'm leaving in the next 3-4 weeks. If only one year ago I could have seen where my life would have taken me in present times. Funny how much things change, no?

See ya later America. I'll keep you updated along the new journey my life is taking.

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