Friday, June 26, 2009

ezra spurrier is my buddha.

Ezra Spurrier has been the front runner in my list of favorite photographers for about two years now. All of his work is genius but I'm drawn to his Alternative Galleries. From his Jean Luc Godard-esque lighting, cinematic and narrative style of portrayal, and edgy take on erotica I can't get e-fucking-nough of this man. Its about time we see some decent art porn to put it plainly. I love the way he utilizes colored light and envelops his viewer's emotions with such a distinct mood. I'm hoping to soon follow Spurrier's lead and expand my own portfolio into the realms of risqué. He's a bloody brilliant pioneer. Respect Ezra, respect.

If this isn't provocative enough for you click here.

indulging in: Karma Coma by Massive Attack.
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