Thursday, June 25, 2009


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I did a series of designer shoe marker drawings during my time as a starving artist in Dublin last spring. I would have gotten a 'real' job, but for fear of being deported [again] I just stayed home/layed in the grass at Trinity and drew shoes while whilst drinking 45 cups of Barry's Tea an hour. Yes I was deported from Ireland.. and then went back. Good times. I also did a Marc Jacobs salmon patent leather flat piece, but I can't seem to find the scan on my mac, if I find it I'll put it up yoooo. I may start doing a few more, I've been feeling creative and have been seeing so many gorgeous shoes recently that could look sexy on paper. Being that I can't actually afford to BUY any of them due to impulsively deciding to buy plane tickets to Iceland/Sweden with some friends for August, I may just draw them instead. So, anytime I feel an impulse to pick up my debit card I'm going to reach for a pencil instead. This is healthy, why did I only think of this now?

I actually did finally buy some awesome black sandals and a dusty lilac bikini I've been coveting for some time now so I'll post photos up in the next few days.

indulging in: Jellyfish by Ghostface Killah.
[drawings © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. hello.
    came across your blog from childhoodflames site.
    & read this post & noticed iceland!
    I live there, & if you go when the weathers good dont worry it will be well worth it!
    Beautiful drawings!

  2. I'm sure it will be worth it, I've wanted to go for so long now! Just means I've be poor for the rest of the summer haha.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions on where to go. We're going to visit Landmannalaugar but it'd be cool to know some swanky/fun bars and clubs to let loose in while in Reykjavik.

    Thanks and love the photos you put up on your blog.

  3. yesshh! just be in touch when you go!
    ill tell you some good places to go :D
    thank you, you too!!