Wednesday, June 24, 2009

manhattan nights.

we wander Manhattan late into the night later to barge in on our new friends apartment.

1. She discovers flame.
2. We spy on Ninja Blogs.
3. Grey Goose + Whipped Cream = Me Doing a Red Wig Dance.
4. Me passed out at 9am the next morning.
5. Lady V Does Hyphy.
6. She says 'no' to Greenhouse and 'yes' to Parliaments.
7. YSL hugs Gabriel's feet.

[i'm wearing an american apparel charcoal dress layered with a patricia field destroyed 'dress' and steve madden tap dancing shoes.]

indulging in: Smash a Kangaroo by Heaps Decent ft. Diplo.
[photo source: my camera]

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