Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back in new york.

I just got back to New York from my European adventures. Feels good to be back but I'm missing the excitement of exploring new cities and meeting a plethora of new interesting people everyday.

I bought an amazing pair of boots while in Stockholm which I'm excited to post photos of soon. I've got plenty of photos from my travels to post as well. Unfortunately, my camera died right after Iceland, so I borrowed a friends. Nothing too 'artsy' from then on out, mostly just documentation of our various states of international intoxication.

I've never had so much fun in my life. My bank account is currently literally -$20 but .. It was worth it and I needed that, it was so refreshing.

[photo source: blake coleman]


  1. Welcome back, I'm excited to see some of the photos and hear some more stories on your adventure. x

  2. yaya your bacckkk!!!
    haah i dont think it was hers cause she last flew to NY like 2 weeks ago i think..but my name is Elin :D
    ah yay im so excited to see photos! ive been missing your comments haha, i get no interesting comments normally ahah..
    glad to hear you had fun :D gah im so jelous you went to sweden, i wanna go sosososo BADDD!! they have the NICEST STUFF!!! have you been on the site & read the blog? goddd they have so much nice stuffff!!
    anyways, excited to see your photos :) how did you like iceland? you got shitty weather didnt you lol.
    hope ur well :)