Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Stockholm was my favourite city we visited this trip. I can't really explain why, its not that I had the most fun there, or that there was the most to do.. but Stockholm just had this aura that I loved. The people are gorgeous, the fashion is incredible (if I had more money I would have been twice as in debt), and the city is just so damn clean.

We wandered into this little chocolate shop in Gamla Stan (the old city) where this Persian man floated around and ended up seducing us into spending like $60 worth of chocolate and 'love tea'. He brought us chocolate from the back room that I swear had drugs in it, because we were literally high and he wouldn't let us purchase any to bring back home. A few days later, with absolutely NO money left we went on a search for butter at 2 am to put on our pasta. Unable to find a 7-11 or anything open at 2am on a Sunday night we settled for the Swedish version of McD's (how American of us, I know) called 'Max' where we met the best entertainment Stockholm had to offer. I complimented the guy sitting next to us's skinny jeans and we somehow got into a conversation that lead to him screaming some Swedish racial slurs, which almost got the shit kicked out of him. You had to be there, but it was hilarious and he gave me a piggy back ride around the streets of Stockholm / was our tour guide for the remainder of the night. I've never been in a place with more perfectly dressed me and the best part is - THEY WERE STRAIGHT! Well enough of them were anyways.. Oh I will be going back to Stockholm. I promise.

The trip ended with my good friend Kelley losing her passport and was forced to remain in Sweden an extra night. We felt terrible leaving her but its not the worst place to be stranded. She eventually made it home, so now we can make fun of her and laugh (with love of course) hahaha.

indulging in: Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini.
[photo © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. Haha wow.. sounds like a bug adventure.
    I can't waitttt to travel!
    Great photos :)

    x kaela

  2. ahhh hahaha amazing.
    GOD I WANNA GO THERE SO BAD. my friends boyfriend is from malmo & she goes there a lot & buys so much nice stuff... the fashion is AMAZING!!! ANNDD you can find such cheap stores. im so going there soon.
    haha glad to hear it was fun though & beautiful photographs!!

  3. oh my, your photos are so gorgeous! i love gamla stan. when i went to stockholm my hostel was in the middle of the old town. scary that your friend lost her passport, but i agree with you - stockholm would be an AMAZING place to be stranded if i had to choose. also, what an adventure with the spiked chocolate and stylish men. everyone in sweden looks sooo good, haha!



  5. wow, your trip looks so amazing! i hope you had a brilliant time. i love the first picture, its lovely!