Friday, August 21, 2009


We take a very long and expensive train ride from Paris to London where I'm not the MOST excited to go, figuring it'll be just like Dublin (where I lived for awhile) - just more metropolitan. It was almost like a mix of New York and Dublin, to me, and I had so much fucking fun. Our hostel pretty much looked like Hogwarts and we met some crazy Dutch men there who accompanied us on most of our late night adventures.

Our first night there we go to reception at the hostel and I simply say 'just tell us where the men in skinny jeans go' and I get a one word reply 'Camdentown'. So Camdentown it was. Unfortunately when we got there, the entire town was closed down due to a drug bust and after walking around for awhile we found ONE pub, that everyone else had seemed to find as well, that was open. London is no Berlin, doors closed at midnight and a platinum blonde man (in white skinny jeans) with Michael Jackson's voice + an English accent asked us to accompany him to this other bar, Bartok. The skinny jeans clearly seduced us (me) there. Little did we know it was a gay bar, which we didn't mind in the least but our man friends, from the hotel, weren't too thrilled about. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, with a few funny/shocking things happening here and there - an overall success.

The next morning we crankily decided we should maybe sight see a bit. We stumbled around central London with coffee after coffee, only speaking in Spice Girl quotes (because we're so very cultured like that) and layed in the grass of Westminster Abbey for a good hour or so. We decided to get an early start this night in hopes to have some fun before all of London closes at midnight again. We go to this one place 'Zoo Bar' in Lester Square and realize its full of WANKERS and head back to the land of skinny jeans to find that everything is fucking closed - again. We make two friends while in Camden, one gorgeous man who spent the rest of the night running around London with us and being my English 'boyfriend' for the night and one crackhead named Brooklyn..who also spent the rest of the night running around London with us. They bring us all over, with no plan or destination - which I think made it even better. We have a hilarious video of 'Brooklyn the Crackhead' laughing maniacally and telling us about 'Midas' but I'm not sure how to post that.

Anyways, all in all, London was great fun. Like Berlin, not so culturally stimulating being that we mostly only came out at night but it was an amazing time and I'd love to go back.

indulging in: Oh What a Night by Billy Joel.
[photo © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. those pics are so great-I love the one with the couple making out in the background!

  2. You look super hot in the black dress. :)



  4. i'm so jealous. i'm like,crying. i also want to go to london! what's the name of the hostel you stayed at? could you like, give me the name/adress?? that would be so nice of you x