Monday, September 28, 2009

over and out.

Back in the darkroom. Self portraits.

I'm sorry I've been so neglectful.

I've been wrapped up in photo printing, art making, dance parties and burying myself in le French textbook.

I'll get back to everyone's lovely comments very soon, I promise.

Hope you all have a sexy week.

[dress_H&M // lace body_H&M // high waisted shorts_AA]

indulging in: Over and Out by Alkaline Trio.

[photo © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. those are beautiful-I was a photog minor and I wish I could go back and do more when I had all that equipment available!

  2. great photos! i love them, they suit the way i'm feeling right now ..

  3. lovely lovely! really rad pics. I don't know they remind me of something. I can't remember what, but it sure was very stylish and impressive. I love your blog a lot overall! definitely gonna follow you!

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