Friday, October 16, 2009

your lipstick, his collar

Late night photo taking is never as good without cigarettes and old school Taking Back Sunday blasting from the sink.

indulging in: Cute Without the E by Taking Back Sunday.

[photo © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. Awesome photo! I love the boots poking out the right side!

  2. TAKING BACK SUNDAY!!! classssic. i was in love with them.
    london is great thanks :D except there is SOOO much work & stupid blogs & photos and facebook helps me live up to be the procrastinator that i know i am.
    fashion week was good! Hoping to actually get a pass next year haha. we just hovered around the tents and i saw lara stone and freja!! so went ment.
    hows your course going, see youv been updating less and less so i presume your busy!
    hope all is well and your having a good week!!

  3. i should really go out less to be honest.
    i have done no work & am so fucked.
    this course is crazy - SOOO MUCH WORK and ive done none.
    what is wrong with me!!

    Yesss i want to see more updates ffrom you woman!! some photos of your stuff & going out etc :)
    i shall be waiting.

    hope you had aa good halloweeen :D

  4. cool photo! great blog