Saturday, October 2, 2010

pourquoi pas?

I've spent the past few weeks reassessing my life.
What is important? What do I want from life? What do I want to do?
Learn. Experience. Create.

I'm going to go on a year or more long journey around the globe.

I've studied Graphic Design, Photography, French, Advertising.. yet I've spent little to no time cultivating any of them. I've come up with a list of goals.

I want to spend a significant, undivided amount of time on my artwork. I'll spend a few months in an inspiring yet remote location in order to make my Design portfolio what it deserves to be. Limited or no internet access. I am unable to focus on this in New York with my obsession with work, a bustling night life and one too many distractions.

I will not return to New York until I am at least tri-lingual. I'll spend enough time in a French speaking country in order to perfect the French that I already possess. I also have to decide which third language I would like to learn. Berlin is affordable, has an inspiring and exciting art scene and will also have opportunities to work on Design internships. Ideas in their beginning stages.

Then I want to go explore places that I have never been before. Explore them through my lens; God knows over the past few months enough dust has collected on my camera to make it seem as though I'd never picked it up in my life.

Once I feel as though I've accomplished all intellectual and artistic pursuits I set out to achieve abroad, I will move back to a major city and get serious about my career.
Hopefully by this time I'll have enough experience and knowledge to begin a career creating movie credit sequences and working with motion graphics.

For the next year or so though, I'll stay in my beloved city of New York, continue to work around the clock and save, save, save.

Thats the plan, thus far, anyways.

indulging in: Sense and Sensibility.
[photo © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. It's been a year of existential dilemmas for many, it seems.

    If you ever feel like hitting up the Caucasus Mountains, come say hi. I'll be there teaching English

  2. JASPER!

    I just might. Its about time we rendez-vous somewhere in the world. Just make sure there are no spiders, which is why I haven't come visit you in Oz yet.

  3. Sense and Sensibility seems fitting for this post.

  4. Good luck to you in this endeavorer. I am looking for a way to leave this country, but my only options seem to be school or teaching. Maybe I'm that desperate that I will go back to school... Teaching... never!