Sunday, October 10, 2010

vintage circles.

blazer_ vintage // top_ american apparel vintage circles // pants_ american apparel zipper jeans // bag_vintage coach // loafers_ vintage

Spent the afternoon wandering the East Village and Alphabet City getting tea and vintage shopping with Avril, Niamh and Alice.
If you're in New York I hope you're enjoying the greatest weather on Earth.
Cigarettes may be over priced, we may work like animals around the clock and be living on the soup diet but there's no place like NY and the amazing people that live here.

indulging in: Basshead by Bassnectar.

[photo source: my camera]


  1. ohhh how i long for new york!!

    Yes those photos were from my home in iceland.. i just moved into a place in london, my very first home on ma own (besides friends).. and finally have internet!! we went like 2 weeks without it which was actually pretty nice!!

    love what you were saying in the post below... how old are you?!? youve studied loads! Sounds amazing! Maybe you should go to some small town in france? and then berlin? I want to go traveling around south america so bad... want to drive around some parts of america next summer.. if i have any money that is!! I need a jobbbb!! just started an internship with fannie schiavani which is great but i just wish internships PAIIDD!! cigarettesss in london arent any cheaper & wer all working like animals too.. soup and baked beans diet haha..

    next year is my placement year and i want to do it in new york so bad.. at pamela love or opening ceremony or something aahh want it so bad!! so you cant leave until next year because you have to be my new york tour guide to the best places :)

    so jealous that you saw erin wasson... she is amazzzing! did you get to go to any shows? hows AA going? arent you still at uni? is this 21 questions? im just so happy i have internet.

    Hope your well & im jealous of all your plans to come!


  2. p.s.
    beautiful skirt in the post below - blue lagoon?