Thursday, August 20, 2009


To be honest Berlin was my least favourite city in terms of aesthetics, people, etc but I had the best night of my life there.

Let me set the scene for you.. We arrive in Berlin and by the time we actually find our hostel deep in East Berlin where no one speaks English, or are completely unwilling to try (yes we did try speaking broken German!), it was nearly midnight. We throw something on, get in a cab and say 'Bring us somewhere good'.

We end up at this club named 'Bar 25' that has a line nearly (no exaggeration) half a mile long. We think, how long could it REALLY take to get in, people wouldn't be waiting if it wasn't amazing. 2 and a half hours later we get in to see two old german men techno dancing under a white tent. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. 3:30 am, in New York bars would closing at 4 so we figure we couldn't even go somewhere else.

Well.. we walk around the bend to find a fucking AMUSEMENT PARK turned club. The first thing we see is roughly 15 drunk people paddling out into the river on a plywood makeshift raft, flames bursting out of the tops of log cabin 'game rooms', disco balls hanging from trees, swings hanging from tree's going over the river and the craziest bunch of people we've ever encountered. We saw many 'celebrities' that night such as Jesus, Osama Bin Laden, Beetlejuice, John Lennon and many more. As you can tell it was an eclectic mix. As the night went on we met a group of aspiring-nudist Australians who joined us on a walking tour of Berlin when we left the club at 9:30 the next morning. By the way, the photo with the line of people. That is when we left, at 9:30am.. and that is a line of people who still wanted to get in. Unfortunately the club closed a week later otherwise no words could describe the amount of advertising I would be doing for them but I'm glad I got to experience it while it was still around.

The rest of the trip was a series of adventures, parties, drinks and not much culture.
There's always next time!

indulging in: Some Girls/Some Boys by Manna.
[photo © Kristen Schultz; please don't use without permission]


  1. love these pictures... so inspirational

  2. You know, I really love Germany, but I've never been to Berlin. Sounds like an amazing night out!

  3. Lol! Thanks for the comment!

    I really love those pics!

    Hope your vacation were so good.

    Olga xx

  4. ahhh hahaha oh the germans. they are so unwilling to even TRY speak english, i swear even in hamburg im like uhmmm HIII do you speak english & they just look at you weirdly ahahah... but that looked like an amazing night out!! gah i wanna experience the nightlife in berlin.
    amazing photos :)

  5. Bar 25 is on my top five list of best clubs/bars in the world. They will open up very soon again on new location though..